Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some week! Life is a rolllercoaster!

  This week wasn't overly busy, but still seemed long!  Monday was the final class for the psychology course I had to take!! Yay! I'm sure I passed the final, but am not too confident about the term paper I wrote ( about speech and language) I'm not a fantastic writer from the start, but add in having to have specific citations, outlines, and have to put it all in APA format..I'm just not sure how I did on it.

Tuesday started out pretty well, I was hoping to relax and have a leisurely evening without any homework or stresses :) But!  my son wasn't feeling well and, as most parents know, a sick child slows down most of anything productive in the schedule. I knew he wasn't feeling well when my usually high energy,talkative boy got in the van after school and sat silently for nearly ten minutes. The only time he's quiet is when he's being naughty(taking a sugary snack,etc) or sick. He didn't have a sly grin on his face,so I figured he wasn't feeling well.  Another tell tale sign is when he went in the house instead of wanting to go outside, which is where he usually goes after school, he flopped on the couch and didn't even turn the tv on. It wasn't until bed time that he had a fever of 101*. He fell right to sleep.
asleep in the afternoon,
a sure sign of fever
 I'm thankful to have a daughter old enough to have stayed home with him a few days while I worked, though he mostly rested and played kindle most of the time. I only had to take one day off instead of three. The fever fluctuated between 99-102 for several days,and trying to get him to take any meds was near impossible. He was also coughing,but he refused meds for that,too. Not that I want to drug my kid, just lessen the symptoms so his body could regain strength. He was so clingy, I could barely leave the room without him following like a puppy. He was covered in a blanket with sweats on and he still had chills. Should I have kept waiting to see how he would turn, or call the pediatrician to ask their advice? I chose to wait. if it had spiked to over 102 or lasted longer, I would have called.
 The next day, he seemed to feel better. At first he had a low grade fever,by afternoon the temp was normal, so I let him go out for a while. I was hoping the fresh air would help him feel better. When he got in ,the temp rose again : / 
 On Friday, the temp was again normal. I had to take my daughter to the orthodontist,then had lunch at Friendly's :) I took a box out of the van to drop off at the site, but whenI went to open the door, there was a sign that read 'CLOSED for inventory' Really?! so, I'll have to go back on Monday.yippee..
   My daughter went for a job interview, and got hired on the spot  (BK). She is so happy about it! (as are we) She then had her piano lesson, and I went to pick up a 'quick' bite from the golden arches. only, it wasn't so quick! after paying for it I was told to pull over to wait for my meal. All I wanted was chicken selects,fries and a crispy wrap! nothing major, right? only, I was there for almost a full ten minutes! (or so it seemed,not sure how long it actually was.) when she finally came out,she didn't apologize.just thrust it at me and walked off. not good customer service.I then rushed to pick up my daughter to watch her brother while I went to a womens' mtg at church. We started a study on psalm 91, a very powerful prayer for oursleves and our excellent study so far.  Then, I got home to pick her up again and bring her to a friend's for a sleep over(why do they call it that anyway? we all know they don't really :p)
  So, Saturday(today) was spent trying to catch up on things put off all week. I was hoping to get more accomplished, but I was happy to get the laundry and dusting done!My son's temp is still normal and he seems to be feeling better =)
 Tomorrow is church,grocery shopping and ...I'm really not sure. God willing , something good is going to happen =)
  I hope you have a good day,too!
Love and blesings,
Lori LC