Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcoming Autumn =)

  October 1,2011.
The cool rain continues to fall,
 and saturate nature to its fullest 
Colorful leaves dance to the green grass below,
 acting as a blanket to keep warm from the Autumn chill.
The sky is a swirl of greys,
 occasionally letting out a ray of light.
Birds have begun their journey
 flying south for warmer shelter.
Squirrels scurry to gather acorns
 burying them where snow will soon fall.
Bees buzz frantically  
 as though they know their time is nearly done.
When the sun breaks through the clouds
 Droplets shimmer on the colorful leaves
The scent of Autumn fills the air,
 And I smile with happiness =)

~Lori caouette


  1. Lori,
    You too are a lover of the autumn weather!!! I think you all have been experiencing a little more cooler weather than we in Kansas. However, the nights have been dropping a little each week. Just in the last couple of weeks the leaves have begun to change here, and it is beautiful!!! I very much enjoy reading your blog!!! My aunt is a Christian and is a missionary to the Kurds in Kurdistan (N. Iraq), she has found a place she is going to be buying when she finally retires and it is in N.H. as well!! I can't remember the name of the town, I will find out and write you back. Once again, enjoy your blog!!! - Laura

  2. Thanks for the nice comment :)
    yes, I really do enjoy this time of year with the colors and scents all around.
    Your aunt must be a special woman to be a missionary in Kurdistan. I would welcome her to NH when she moves here. I live in the Sullivan county area on the Vermont border. It's a diverse area with mountains,rivers and fields. The mountains look like they are covered with cozy brown and orange blankets.
    Happy Autumn =D