Sunday, June 29, 2014

My current heart notions..6/29/14

  I haven't updated here for a while;but I have posted a few photos on my photo blog , but not much more than that.
 Lately, I have been feeling out of sorts,possibly depression, or something similar. Basically, I have been in a funk and didn't want to do anything but take naps or long walks. I don't have thoughts of anything bad, just feel indifferent to everything.
  I'm guessing it has to do with changes around me. My adult kids live in SC and I miss them dearly. The oldest has been married four years to a wonderful guy who takes terrific care of her. My middle girl moved with them for a few months and will be attending college there this Fall. She is here briefly this Summer, but is a camp counselor at Camp Good News , but is only here briefly on Saturday. We spend time chatting and take walks together in the evening.
  My son just turned nine and bugs me constantly to play water balloon fight, but I am allergic to latex balloons. So, he bugs me to go swimming or to just do something. Anything! I have to force myself to do something without grumbling and feeling tired. I did get checked by the Dr and was sent for blood work, but the results have not gotten back yet. He thinks it could be either hormonal peri menopause, thyroid or  anemia. I should kn ow in a few days.
  My job is also shifting. I have been working as a Para educator part time for several years, but am changing to full time, which will include working Summer school all of July. The trade off of working in the heat is getting paid for it. Paras do not get paid during vacations.
  I have been working on transforming the office/play room/catch all room for my Mom's visit. She is coming at the end of July and staying for two weeks. She has diabetes, and neuropathy in her feet pretty bad. I need to make room for a wheel chair to fit around the house and fit the bathroom for her to use the shower safely. I also need to plan low carb,low sugar meals and snacks. That should be the norm anyway, but we like our sweets and carbs! Good thing it will be the season for fresh fruits and vegs at the Farmers markets.
  Some things I would like to do this Summer are: fishing, shopping, visit an aquarium,science museum, see something new. I would like to do something relaxing, without having a nine year old nagging me to do something more. Selfish, I know. But, a mom can wish..
Me,feeding sunfish. I caught it,for a minute. The one that got away..

 I will post more about these things as they pass, possibly post pics on the photo blog.
  Thanks for reading this, I just needed to vent my thoughts.
Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Ancestry, as I know it

 I have always been interested in family history and genealogy. I think it began when my Mom would take us to old cemeteries in RI and Mass. and we would talk about what their lives may have been like.  My mother's parents were from very different backgrounds. Her father, Henri Larue's, family was from Canada. He had a large family, about 12 in all. His wife, Dorothy, my grandmother,had the maiden name Winsor, a descendant of the Windsors in England. When they emigrated to America in 1664/7, they dropped the 'd to distance themselves from the family ties in England. My ancestors helped Roger Williams start Rhode Island as a state, and one of them married a daughter of Roger Williams,Mercy (Williams)Waterman. There were several Reverends in the Winsor line who served in churches in RI.
 My father's family is also a mix of backgrounds. His mother's family emigrated from Galicia, Austria,Ukraine. Her father's surname was Glowacki. Her mother's maiden name was (Tekla) Szewczuk. They both were from the same area in Galicia, but he emigrated through Canada, and stayed with family, and she came through Ellis Island. They reconnected in RI, where they married and raised a family, My grandmother,Mary(/Marie), Sophie, Josie, Annie, and an uncle
 My father's father was Glodome Bernache. His last name should have been Berneche, but a mistake on his birth certificate was never corrected, so it became permanent. He was a cobbler in Woonsocket,RI, also served as a Master Sergeant in the ARMY,but I don't know more than that. 
 I will post more on this,including pics from the family album, this summer as time allows.