Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who reads this blog? :)

I am interested in  knowing who reads my blogs.
 My stats tell me there are people from different countries who have been by here; but who?
 Have you been here before, or was this your first visit?
What was it that interested you in looking at this page?
Was it by chance or was it a key word from Google/Bing,etc?
I am asking so I can improve my writing style according to who my readers are.
 I would like to know what people from around the world are seeking.
 I seek Christ and blogs which promote His teachings and positive family values.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you take a minute to post a comment so i can be encouraged to continue writing.
Love and blessings,
Lori LC

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My April 'vacation'...

   Many of my friends and co-workers are enjoying their vacation, either visiting family and friends or hobnobbing with Mickey in Florida. I have been thinking about them while I am at home in NH, doing major Spring cleaning. I tackled the space on the indoor porch, where I have been using as an office all winter. So many papers and books and other miscellaneous items to sort through. I then  organized the shelves holding the winter gear. Boots, hats, scarves and wool socks were stuffed into bags; snow pants were washed first before being stored to avoid moldiness. A day later, we were opening the bags to take out gloves and hats to play outside in the 30 something degree weather.
yep, I do love New England =)  I kept the gloves and hats out because it's usually cool til Memorial day weekend, and stored the rest away in the attic for the next six or so months.
  I then went in my office, where I had stashed all the baby stuff from my son's closet, and sorted through what I want to keep, consign, and give away. (The keep pile is still a bit big, but I have hopes it will be used by my daughter and son in law within a year or so <3 )
 The boxes and bags of things to get rid of is now sitting in the back of my van...waiting til I either drop it off or take it back out to make room for groceries. That has happened more than once already.
  Today is a pretty warm day; sunny and nearly 76 out. I raked around the garden and walkway, and put the piles in the wheelbarrow,which is now waiting to be emptied. My hubby took my daughter 4-wheeling, so I'm taking a break to write about my week,so far. I hoped to visit my Grandma in RI, but time is slipping away and I may not get there til Sunday.
  I need to dump out the wheel barrow, drop off the clothes at Changes, decide what to get for dinner, cook dinner, call Grandma, wash the windows on the porch, and as many others as I can, wash my van, get the screen-house things ready to be put up, put away the neglected baskets of laundry, and a few other things that are eluding my memory at the moment.
  I guess my stay-cation isn't so bad, but Disney sure is a fun place to visit.
Maybe I'll post pics of my week on my photo journal.. HERE .
 What do you like to do on vacation?
Have a nice day =)
Love and blessings,
Lori LC

Monday, April 15, 2013

Time to clean your room, and now mine..

 I have dealt with this issue with each of my three kids. I haven't made a big deal of it because it is their space and they seem to like using their floor as one big shelf. My only rule is there can be no food in it. Out of my kids, the youngest is a seven year old boy who doesn't see the point of cleaning when he's just going to mess it up again. My girls felt the same way, but eventually got around to getting it done, and are now adults who like having a clean room.
 When his room needed to be cleaned this past weekend, I went in with him and said to start by putting any dirty clothes in the wash, clean ones in their correct drawers, not under the bed or all stuffed into one place. We looked over the toys and realized many of them belonged in the play room downstairs, and several were outgrown. I put myself to task of gathering all the baby things (more than I thought) and put them in my office(now cluttered with baby stuff).
 There were many books on the bookshelf he has also outgrown, which he is donating to a few baby boys we know. He read a few for the last time, including the one about Trucks, and Thomas the train. He's starting to read chapter books now and made room for those.
I should have taken a 'before' pic, but this is what it looks like at the moment:

 When we were done, he was surprised how neat and open his room looked. When he woke up the next morning, he put his clothes in the hamper because he didn't want to clutter his floor. Weird, but maybe this is the beginner of his growing up. or, maybe just a temporary fluke. Either way, he was proud of himself for making and keeping it neat.
 Now for the task of sorting through my office, and get all emotional putting their baby stuff into bags to give or pack away. My babies are grown up and I still want to read them their stories play with their toys ;)
Mom of a growing boy, and loving it,
Lori LC

Sunday, April 14, 2013

~Remembering Dad ~

April 14th was my dad's birthday, he was born in 1937.
Dancing with Dad, 9/14/91
My first memory of him was right around my fourth birthday.
Mom held a party at our house and I was so excited that dad was going to be there.
Since my parents were divorced for two years already, we never knew if he could (or would), make it to an event on a non-custody day.
He showed up and brought me what ended up being my favorite gift. A Yosemite Sam shirt! I hardly remember much about gifts of events from my childhood, but that visit and shirt are burned into my memory as one of my favorite memories.
                                                             It looked something like this:

My weekends with Dad usually meant going to church on Sunday morning. He brought us (my brother and sister went,too) to Woonsocket Methodist Church of Woonsocket,RI.
It was there I first heard about Jesus and how much He loves me. I learned the song, Jesus Loves Me, and got gold stars from Mrs.Edna each week I went. I absolutely loved going to church and learning about God. Dad was friends with the pastor, and they hung out after church.It was cool. After the pastor left the church, Dad stopped going. I missed going, but spent time with Dad at his house on weekends,sometimes overnight. He worked a lot of hours, but it didn't seem he ever got ahead. He just always looked tired.
I would climb up on his lap and hold his worn hand in mine. I didn't care about the tobacco odor, it was my Dad. He played games like Indian sunburn on my wrists and crunched my little fingers in his, not to hurt, just playing. We didn't talk much, he was pretty quiet as he sipped his coffee and listened to the volunteer fire scanner. There were several times he rushed out the door at odd times of the day or night. We knew from the signals what type of call he was going to. The night of the big mill fire in town brought out most of the small town of Millville. We went and watched nervously as the structure burned violently for hours. He didn't get back til much after we were already asleep.
  I think he seemed glad to go on a call to get out of the house and do something he enjoyed.

This is an entry in progress..I will continue this blog as I get my thoughts together about what say next

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My other world, photographing my world

I started a blog to chronicle my journey of photography.
I want to take my level from amateur hobbyist to a professional.
I know it will take a while, but I enjoy seeing the world through the lens of my canon,
and hope others will appreciate them as well.
  Here is the link, feel free to leave a comment there, or here.

My photo blog .

A few pics I have taken recently:

Thanks, enjoy the view :)

Love and blessings,
Lori LC

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Recent favorite authors

It's not easy for me to say which authors are my favorite at any given time. I often read a book based on the title and cover art work, as well as publisher, but often it is without noticing who the author is.
There are also times where I have read a book and enjoyed it so much that I look up more titles by that author.
I recently read several books by the same authors and am looking forward to reading more of their work.
 The three authors I currently am thoroughly enjoying are:
Loree Lough, Joshua Graham and Judy Christie.
They each write Christian fiction, but in very different styles. I posted links to each author at the bottom of the post. Let me know which author you enjoy most lately.
   Loree Lough has several book series which have characters woven through each of the stories. I have only read her First Responders trilogy; Ashes to Honor, Honor Redeemed, and Man of Honor; and For Love of Eli. She has about 98 award-winning books (5 that earned book-to-movie options), 68 short stories, and 2,500+ articles in print. She is a terrific writer and I am looking froward to reading more of her work.
  Joshua Graham , who also writes under the pen name Ian Alexander, has written several books under the 'accidental' series. He has also written exciting sci-fi and fantasy novels, such as Once We Were Kings and Terminus.  His books, Beyond Justice and Darkroom are riveting!
   Judy Christie has written several books in her 'Green' series, about a small town with big time adventure. She also has a series of books to help us stay calm and carry on, called  'How to hurry less and worry less' for different reading audiences. I enjoy her wit and humor in each book and am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Links to each author:
Loree Lough:

Joshua Graham: 

Judy Christie: