Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few things I learned today..

We've all heard the saying "We learn something new everyday", and I am proof of that, no matter how small each tidbit may be.

One thing I learned: mini vans require three different windshield wipers, three sizes, each sold separately..
so, I went to buy windshield wipers for my van,which is usually left to Hubby,
but I wanted to do it to save him the time.
 I made sure I looked up the right size, chose a good brand,etc.
  when I got home and handed him the box, he said,'where's the other one?'
 what other one? isn't there one box for the set? he looked at me with a smile.
 'Didn't you notice it showed different sizes for the blades?' 
yes, but I didn't know they were sold separately. 
Note to self: BUY TWO WIPERS!
He sighed and put the one on, which was the one that was ripped and needed replacing any way.

Lesson two: ask what is in a sandwich you're ordering if you never had it before:
I stopped at a  restaurant on the way to class and ordered a stir fry chicken quesadilla.sounded yummy. What i failed to consider is what they use for stir fry. 
I sometimes like bell peppers and onion, but not right before a three hour class. 
I'd end up hiccuping the entire time.
yummy,just not a good choice before class
What I ended up doing is taking most of the veggies off, including mushrooms, and ate the very tasty chicken with cheese. 
 Two very simple, yet important lessons I'll remember. some may consider mistakes to be stupid inconveniences, but, as an educator I love using everything as a way to learn and grow.

Have you learned anything new lately?
Lori LC

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Pureflix movie released in a few days!!

If you like family friendly media, you'll love this :

Apostle Peter And The Last Supper



written by Pure Flix:

Pure Flix is a Christian movie studio that produces, distributes, and acquires Christ
centered movies for the sole purpose of changing our culture for Christ, one heart at
a time. Our mission since day one has remained the same and we continue to strive
to make a difference for His name.

Hollywood has played a major role in shaping our current culture by controlling
most of the media we experience today.
We challenge you to stand up for Christ and share these heart-felt movies with your
families, friends, communities and church to impact our world for Christ.
We hope you enjoy our morning devotionals as well as our behind the scenes videos
and blogs, live from the set of our new movies.
We want to thank you personally, if not for your support, prayers, and purchases of
our DVD’s, Pure Flix would be unable to continue making Christ centered films with
positive messages that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
On behalf of the Pure Flix Family, God bless.
Our best regards,
-Pure Flix
Pure Flix Entertainment, LLC"

check it out and let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When a Teen Gets Their License..

From the time they are young, kids are always talking about when they get their license, what kind of car they'll drive and where they want to go when they do. it seems when they are about to turn 16, they think they'll magically get a license and take the parent's car every time they want to go somewhere.
  Both my daughters took driver's ed at 16, but then waited until they were 18 to take the driving test. My eldest is a very calm person, very nonchalant and was a breeze to teach how to follow the rules of the road. She has been on the road since then, or so it seems because she now lives in SC instead of NH.
  My second kid is a bit more high strung. I wasn't as enthused about driving with her, but it had to be done. After 2 years, she finally said she was ready to go. She passed the written test, then took the driving portion. The instructor said it usually takes about 15-20 minutes. When they hadn't returned by 25, I was getting a bit antsy. What could possibly be taking so long?! 30 minutes passed. Were they ok? crashed? stopping for a snack? What?! They finally got back and she was smiling. He had her drive around town and park a few times. She actually passed her driving test the first time!
 I didn't realize it, but I was holding my breath. I let out a deep sigh and took my keys back. I knew I was going to be the one driving home.
  Now we have 'discussions' on why can't she use my van to pick her friends up or get her hair done. We told her she can get a car when she has a job to support it. I hope it's soon ..

~a week later: and a peek at my own early driving days..
It's not easy handing over the keys to my mini van. My source of transportation and mobile freedom.
Thoughts of my own years as a young driver pass through my mind. I wasn't exactly careful with my Mom's Chevy Chevette.  It was a standard and we lived in a city built on hills, so the clutch got quite a workout. My van is an automatic and there are fewer hills, but I still think about my immature thought process, which was not helped when there were friends with me. I can't believe I let them drive her car and how reckless I acted then. My friends, Michelle and Kathy, weren't even close to having a license, but that didn't stop me from thinking it would be all right. Michelle was about 14 or so and I was dating her brother. I guess I was trying to gain brownie points or something. They both did fine and my mother never knew, but couldn't understand why her clutch seemed to not work well on some days.
<3 My girls circa 1994 <3
I don't encourage this, and even warn against it, but I'm just saying I know how young drivers sometimes forget to engage their brains and may cause problems with their mother's vehicles.
I let my daughter drive it to her friend's, at night. she has to be back by ten, which is in about 20 minutes. I want to text her to casually ask how it's going, but she'd know right away i was checking up on her. She's 18 and becoming independent. It's time I stop being a helicopter parent and let her live for a change.( as long as my van gets back as it was when she left :)
 The apron string is nearly snapped,and my fingers are chaffed from holding on so long and hard. I think I'm really ready to let her grow up now and become the confident woman I know she can be..
She'll always be my little Daisy girl <3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 6,2012

February 6th has always been a day I celebrate, personally and occasionally,a little selfishly. I was born on this day in 1966. My parents and family were always big on celebrating events, and birthdays were no exception. I felt special when my Mom put together a party for each of us on our day, and my dad and his family celebrated events in their home as well. They let us choose what cake we wanted, I often chose Carvel with the chocolate crumb middle, or the cream cake from the bakery on Front St.
As I got older, we still made note of it, but my own kids took center stage when it came to parties. There was the one embarrassing party that included a giddy clown on a sweltering July afternoon, (the first and last clown party)
Me on 2/6/12
But, lately, I've been reconsidering this day to mean more than doing something for myself. One idea I read about was Will Smith and his family donating to a charity on their birthdays, which is something I am looking into. Donating clean water to impoverished areas is one way they help that I am interested in being involved in.
 This year was a little hard for me to enjoy because someone special lost their courageous battle with cancer. I didn't know her in person, but know her family and have read her blog, called Baldie's Blog.
She wrote about her treatments and the hopes she would beat it so her son would have a mom to grow up with. My heart felt heavy when we heard she had liver failure. In a way, I felt privileged that her passing from this life to the eternal was on this day. It sounds kinda weird, but I'll always remember her and do something special for someone else in memory of Hillary. I felt guilty from feeling relief that she isn't in pain anymore, and I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I'm not glad in any way but knowing she's not fighting for her life any more <3
 Her blogs helped many cope with their own life battles and her strength and warmth will be her lasting legacy. We can only hope we have a positive influence on others and be remembered with a smile.

Hillary's blog  can be found at
Hillary the Courageous!
Reach out to someone and let them know you care!
Love and blessings,