Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cooking with my son

 My son is eight years old and wants to learn how to cook. He often stands right by my side, and tries to be in front a few times, and watches closely how the food is prepared.
We make eggs, pasta, mini pizzas, beef stew, and other dishes.
Here is the link to when we made English muffin pizzas.

I have a feeling he may take over cooking for the family when he's able to use the stove himself, and I am okay with that ;)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

    This year I am looking forward to spending time with my family, maybe hike a few mountains together or go to the beach. Seeing my Mom and sister are also high on my list of what I hope to do. They live in Georgia and Oklahoma respectively and I hardly get to see them. Continued good health and prosperity would also make it a really good year.
After reading other people's resolutions for the new year, I considered what mine would be,if i were to make one. The most popular are:

·  Lose Weight ·  Get Fit ·  Volunteer to Help Others ·  Get organized ·  Get a Better Education ·  Get a Better Job ·  Save Money ·  Eat Healthy Food ·  Manage Stress ·  Manage Debt ·  Take a Trip ·  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle ·  Drink Less Alcohol

Weight isn't an issue for me, though I do want to get more physically fit. The couch to half marathon ( link here ) seems like something I could do,maybe. At 47,I am not as active or motivated as my younger days. But, that  isn't my resolution.
 I already volunteer my time and intend to continue this year.
 I would say I'll be more organized,at home and in other areas, but judging from past years, it takes more than a year to put a lifetime in order. A book series I have been reading,  The Diary of a Decluttering Junkie, is about someone like me who is trying her best to get her home and life in order. It has helpful advice that can be used in many areas of life, if I choose to. ( Amazon link )
 Education is my job and I often take courses to keep my mind sharp,as well as the required classes needed for my job, which I intend on staying at for several more years.
Saving money is a challenge,but not a resolution, the same for eating healthy food. Just gotta put my mind to it and make it happen.
 Stress is a part of life and I tend to relax by reading,walking,playing games or looking at cute animal videos on the net. such as this one: funny animals
we already recycle and reuse many items,so that's not an issue.and I hardly drink,and don't smoke.
So, the resolution I decided on is ..
to be more friendly to others, especially those in my neighborhood. Much of our neighborhood is for rentals,and it has been sad for me when I make a friend and become close, only for them to move on in a year or two. When a new person or family move in now, I take my time to greet them,which I realize isn't nice but it seems almost easier to be selfish than open myself up to losing another friend. A family recently moved in next door and I haven't even seen them in the yard. I should have gone over and introduced myself right away,but held back to give them space to settle in. I'll try to make a point of going over this coming week and will post how it went..
Have you made a resolution, or decided to do something different this year?
You are welcome to comment here,so I don't feel I'm the only one trying to make changes =)

Hope you have a great, blessed year!
Love, joy and peace,
Lori LC