Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day 2011

 This year was an exceptionally exciting Labor Day weekend :) I had been anticipating a visit from mt daughter and her husband from South Carolina for several weeks! They could only stay the weekend,so we planned a party for their friends and our family to come here that Saturday.
 I had taken many things in due to the possible damage we could have gotten from Hurricane Irene, so I had to reassemble the screenhouse and other yard items.After all the yard and screenhouse items were done, I could focus more on other details such as food prep and a place for them to sleep.
 Their flight came in past midnight Friday, and we got back to the house around 2:30 am.,making an already short weekend seem even shorter. It was so nice to hug my kid after not seeing her for about six or so months :) Even though she's 23, she'll always be my kid.
 The party was really nice, family came from RI for the day and friends came to join the fun. They mainly talked and hung around. I wanted to play lawn games, but it was pretty warm and humid out so they didn't want to do too much besides be in the shade or air conditioned house. Her uncle went geo- caching in a nearby park with my husband and son. They found it along a nice shady path. A perfect place to be on a warm day.
 I made a native RI dish called Dynamites. It came out really good for my first time making it :)
The main ingredients of Dynamites are hamburg,peppers,onion,tomato sauce,more peppers, and seasoning. It gets served on a roll. Very yummy! My kids helped make it, which was one of the best parts of my day <3
 I was so tired and tried resting, but knew their visit was too brief to be missed, so I lounged on the garden swing while they talked and ate. I enjoyed hearing their voices and laughter =D  We took a 'few' pictures as usual. I will post a few when I upload them here.
 Sunday noon was nice. After church, she made her specialty dish of Chicken Parmesan. She is becoming quite a good cook.The food was really good! and she was proud to make it for us.
 Later that night, we put a puzzle together.and played Yahtzee. I like playing games and I'm glad it runs in the family. I wanted to squeeze as much time out of the visit as I could. My six year old son also stayed up pretty late :/ We retired around midnight and I was asleep when my head hit the pillow.
 Monday came too quickly. I got my other daughter a cake for a small surprise birthday treat. She'll be 18 in a few weeks and her sister wanted to be part of the celebration <3 She was very surprised because I told her it was for her sister. It was funny how she didn't believe it was for her.lol :p  We shared the cake and my I had mountain dew for the caffeine so I could be ready for the 90 minute ride to the airport.
A big rainstorm from Hurricane Lee was covering the entire east coast, so I was nervous about the drive. It was fine until the ride home. Leaving my daughter at the security gate once again was such a bitter sweet time. I know she's happy in SC and her husband is a great guy. but we really miss each other. I think if they could get a job in New England they would move back, but for now, they have a life there.
 The flight back was uneventful, probably smoother than mine as I drove in that wicked rainstorm I was hoping to avoid. Hurricane Katia is on the way now, but will most likely stay to the east of us, causing rain, but not too bad.

 All in all, we had a really good Labor Day visit =)
 Now, I just have to wait til Christmas to see them again =<
 I love my family <3
 Hope you had a good weekend,too.
Love and blessings,

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