Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few things I learned today..

We've all heard the saying "We learn something new everyday", and I am proof of that, no matter how small each tidbit may be.

One thing I learned: mini vans require three different windshield wipers, three sizes, each sold separately..
so, I went to buy windshield wipers for my van,which is usually left to Hubby,
but I wanted to do it to save him the time.
 I made sure I looked up the right size, chose a good brand,etc.
  when I got home and handed him the box, he said,'where's the other one?'
 what other one? isn't there one box for the set? he looked at me with a smile.
 'Didn't you notice it showed different sizes for the blades?' 
yes, but I didn't know they were sold separately. 
Note to self: BUY TWO WIPERS!
He sighed and put the one on, which was the one that was ripped and needed replacing any way.

Lesson two: ask what is in a sandwich you're ordering if you never had it before:
I stopped at a  restaurant on the way to class and ordered a stir fry chicken quesadilla.sounded yummy. What i failed to consider is what they use for stir fry. 
I sometimes like bell peppers and onion, but not right before a three hour class. 
I'd end up hiccuping the entire time.
yummy,just not a good choice before class
What I ended up doing is taking most of the veggies off, including mushrooms, and ate the very tasty chicken with cheese. 
 Two very simple, yet important lessons I'll remember. some may consider mistakes to be stupid inconveniences, but, as an educator I love using everything as a way to learn and grow.

Have you learned anything new lately?
Lori LC

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