Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May is Here =)

Dandelion dreamer
   With the arrival of May, I can't help but smile at the thought that Spring has finally made it to New Hampshire. Even though it rained all day, I heard sun is in the forecast :)  Flowers have already begun to bloom and insects arrived early due to the burst of warm weather we had briefly a few weeks ago. Where we usually have patches of ice in the yard,there is already grass and dandelions.
   There are about thirty days of school to get through, then we count the days til the kids are back in I work in an elementary school and have seen that the kids and staff already are looking ahead to June 18th,when we get out. We're already planning to send my son to camp and are looking forward to my daughter visiting in July. I'm considering tutoring a few days a week for the summer, I would enjoy that.
   I have been sneezing so much lately, so much pollen and dust in the air. The rain helped a little, but the plants and grass are blossoming and, as beautiful as they are, my sinuses think they are bad :/
Taking a dose of children's allergy med helps relieve the symptoms, but sometimes makes my too drowsy to take during the day. I thought my daughter had allergies when she complained of a sore throat, but when she had me look a second time a few days later, the redness and white blotches confirmed her thoughts of having strep-again. poor kid, but she's over it now and feels better.
My husband is the one who is dying of a cold now. He really drags it out, hacking and sneezing all over the place. I go around the house when he's in bed and sanitize everything. He whines worse than the kids and is wicked clingy when he doesn't feel well. I appease him by asking if there is anything I can do and hope he needs me to go to the store for something so I can get out without feeling guilty for leaving him home sick. He'll be better soon, I hope the whining goes with the sickness.
   My son will be seven next month. just when I thought I was done having birthday parties, sleepovers, school concerts, homework battles, report cards, dating rules, making kids get up for school, paying for school events, making lunches, and every other thing a parent does for their school age child. I am nearly one year down and 11 more (or so) to go...He is due to graduate in 2023, 17 years after my first child graduated, and 12 after my second graduated. I love nearly everything about being a parent, except dealing with homework. or friendship heartaches. most everything else is what makes being a mom so special, no one else can take the place of what I love doing most, loving my kids <3
   My oldest is about to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. She has an awesome husband and terrific in-laws who really care about her. I just with they lived closer to NH than SC,but, they are happy and blessed and that's what a parent wants for their grown children in life. They are waiting for the big step of parenthood, and when it happens, I know they'll be great! My second child is currently working more hours than me and doesn't complain about it. She also takes classes three nights a week and is doing well at that. I'm really proud of her =)
   Life in general is really good right now, and God is awesome, no matter what.
I hope you are also well, you are cared about <3
Love and blessings,
 Happy May!!
Lori LC  


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