Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wicked windy day

 I was snug under my covers, relishing sleeping in on our first day of school vacation :) No need to get up any time soon. At least that's what I was thinking when I heard the sound I've heard before; huge gusts of wind barreling through our neighborhood :/ I know from experience that too much wind can be devastating and wreak havoc to anything in its path.
 I got up to look at the trees swaying and debris being blown around. I also checked out the canopy over our vehicle. I watched it intently for any sign of it being lifted up and over, as it has done a few times before. It finally happened, one corner post lifted a few inches from the grass. I groaned and got into action. My mind raced as to what I could use to anchor it down. I decided to let God show me what to use.
  I went in the garage to get bungy cords. I looked around but didn't see anything useful, the birdseed bucket is heavy, but it would be a disastrous mess if it tipped open. A bike would sway too moch and would be too bulky for me to tie up. I went to the porch and found a wagon and an old carseat. The carseat is large, iron base and heavy. Perfect for what I needed. I took a bungy and attached it to the buckle, then put it on the top post. Then I took another bungy to steady it on the side post. I then looked around the vehicle and noticed a rope, which I tied to the vehicle as well as the canopy. It was being anchored by the heavy weight.
 I looked at it, somewhat satisfied, hoping it would stay tied. I keep checking on it, and noticed the car seat side still moving slightly, but I'm going to bungy the carseat to the picnic table as soon as I get back out there.
 The trees are bending from the force of the wind, some btranches have fallen in the yard, I feel safer inside looking out, but will sacrifice my comfort for the safety of the veghicle :)
 So much for sleeping in..
Let's see what the rest of vacation brings us =)

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  1. We also had a Blustery day, the fire department was out cleaning up downed trees all night! I'm thankful our vehicle canopy is permanent :]