Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1,2011

 The beginning of August is bittersweet to me. It feels like an internal switch has been set and I am shifting gears from enjoying summer to preparing for school. Our public school starts the 29th, so there's plenty of time,but I really feel rushed to get things ready now.
 I had a terrific July,spent time with my family, relaxed in the screen house, visited family in RI, and went to Santa's Village,where we had an awesome time. I want to go to the beach a few times before the month of August flies by.
 I took my son clothes shopping today and found a few pairs of pants that should fit for a few weeks before he grows out of them :) He grew about an inch this summer! Incredible, but the Dr. said it's normal due to the amount of vitamin D from the sun. His pants were pull ons,which he can still get away with wearing in the first grade. (He hates the binding feeling of button up jeans. He may end up wearing athletic  pants when he grows up.)
 It was odd not having to buy my daughter any clothes as she just graduated and can buy her own. She prefers shopping with friends any way instead of me,I'm way too conservative for her style.
 My eldest daughter and her husband will be visiting us from SC in about a month =D  They are doing well and are happy, and that is mainly what we want for our kids. It would be great if we lived closer, but their home is there for now and we are in NH.
 So, with August at our front door and summer waning, I am looking forward to what comes next for us as a family and personally. I am leaning and trusting my Lord God to help us through all that comes at us :)
 Have a great month!
God bless,
This is a picture taken at my daughter's wedding last year <3

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