Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Winter Break vacation

   This week has been the week of winter break for our school district. Since I work for the district (for this reason) I also have the week off. After weeks of being busy, studying for  class I'm taking, and the everyday rush of life, I chose to not plan much at all. I have done a few things around the house, most of the time we have either gone shopping with the kids, played wii, read, done puzzles or or just relaxed with a game or a nap. I really feel refreshed and happy.
    Later today, I'll join my son in playing in the freshly fallen snow. He has already been out to help shovel for the neighbors, such a good boy =)  The trees by my window are bowed down with the weight of the snow, but they'll soon be straightened when it warms to above freezing. There's an analogy of my life  with the cares of the world in there and how Christ makes them slide off when I look up to Him, but my brain is in vacation mode and just doesn't want to muster up the neurons right now :)
   The only thing I really want to do is visit my Grandma in RI. I enjoy spending time with her, and know that at 94 she really wants to go Home to be with the Lord. Her body just keeps holding on. She's still independent, living on her own, just recently gave up her license due to fading eyesight. I will truly miss her when she passes on, but know how much she is ready to go. Since my Dad died in 1999, she has been depressed and has given up wanting to enjoy life. It must be a terrible thing to lose a child, no matter how old they are:(
   I'm going to call her today, and my Mom and talk about the snow we got. Mom lives in Georgia so she'll get a kick out of it and how they haven't had to shovel in years :) and I'll mention that at least I can go outside in the summer and not worry about heatstroke, red ants or venomous snakes!
  Ah, vacation and family. Makes me really happy and thankful <3
Hope you have a great day!
Lori LC

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