Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn ramblings

Tonight was our town’s annual firemen’s parade. It was cold out, even with a sweatshirt, jacket, hat, gloves and small blanket on. We waited in the entrance of the barbershop to get out of the brisk wind. When the parade finally got on its way, we stood by the road between parked cars. A band of bag pipes led the way (why bag pipes, I don’t really know). My son is seven and his biggest hope was to have candy thrown at him from the trucks. He does enjoy watching fire trucks, and says he wants to be a fireman like his brother in law, but he just wanted candy tonight. 
My son and friend watching firemens parade

The trucks,rescues, marchers, horns,lights,noise...went on and on and on!... I kept covering my ears and turning away from the glare of the swirling emergency lights. He had sound proof head phones, so it didn’t bother his so much. He did get a few pieces of candy, just enough for it to be worth it for him to be out there. He did make my proud a few times. Each time a military member carried a flag past, my son saluted the flag in respect for it. I’m glad  he remembered to do that.

I kept looking for the end, but it was nearly thirty minutes llooonnnggg.. before the last vehicle blared past. It was then my son said his feet were as cold as ice and he could hardly walk. We had a large blanket I could have used to warm him, but that may have prevented him from  getting that last lollipop. I will have to be sure to check his feet the next time we’re out in the cold for a while. I know what it’s like to get frost bitten toes, it lasts for years and can be devastating to the feet.

The weekend is forecasted to be chilly and damp. I wonder if the last street hockey game will be cancelled. gee, that would be too bad to not be able to stand out by the rink for two hours. If it is on, I will be sure to pack many layers, and hot drinks.
<- Here is a pic of my son, using a hockey stick to high stick leaves into the goal. I should use that idea when doing the yard :)

Here's a pic of him playing goalie, -->
which he prefers because he doesn't have to run around the rink with the other players.

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