Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So,I don't celebrate Oct 31st

 As September comes to an end and October begins, it is inevitable. There are lovely displays of colorful pumpkins, mums, cornstalks and scare crows. Then there are some not-so-lovely displays, that -in my opinion, border on the hideous side. I'm all for decorating with the fore mentioned Autumn colors, but feel depressed when I see the black and dark colors of other displays.
 As a Christian, I am called to be a light in the world, so when I see things related to darkness, such as vampires, witches, ghouls, I feel uncomfortable. People do have a right to show whatever displays they like in their yard, and I choose fall colors over dark.
 With Halloween coming in a few weeks, people ask my son what he is dressing as. He feels pressured to have an answer because so many others are dressing up. I said he could dress up in something that Jesus would like, not darkness. He asked if he could go trick or treating and I said I wouldn't take him because I don't think it's right to  knock on people's doors to ask for candy. We have candy in the house and he has a history of tooth problems, so he doesn't need more candy. It's the dressing up part he wants to do. I am thinking of having a costume party the weekend before halloween so he can dress up with his friends and play games together.
 With so many things to be careful about these days, I think I have a right to choose not to celebrate the night of darkness. If others can freely say they don't celebrate Christmas or Easter, why do I get such weird looks when I say I don't celebrate Halloween?
These links summarize how I feel about having alternative parties on Halloween night:

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