Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roma Downey's Book, "Little Angels"

Roma Downey on Her Latest Project,

 "Little Angels"

About the Book
Little Angels Prayers for Every Day features more than 50 simple rhyming prayers that cover a typical day and the typical worries of a young child. From waking in the morning to going to sleep at night, from thanking God for a meal to praying for His comfort when afraid, the prayers here will help little ones to see that any moment is a good moment to talk to God. Relevant Bible verses are scattered throughout the book as well!
  I like the colorful illustrations and different daily topics.
Here is my video review:

Roma talks about her books and other resources on this you tube video:
Roma's Little Angels, book description

Roma also has a family friendly web site for you to enjoy together:

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  1. This is a great book for kids. I can think of several who would treasure a copy.

  2. Great review! I enjoy reading your comments. I also had the chance to read the book from someone I know...I liked it. It's a cute little prayer book that's easy to read. Things I noticed and liked were the relevant Bible verses and the diversity of drawn children.

  3. Greetings and blessings from Ontario, Canada in the name of our Savior Christ Jesus!
    Thank you for sharing this book and showing the pictures and explaining that the book includes scripture verses. There are not many good books such as this available in stores, so I am particularly excited to see this one! I will definitely purchase a few of these books as I know of many young children and newborn babes on their way.

    Although I will purchase a few of these books, I would welcome the opportunity to win a free book! :) Thank you for sharing, Susan JOY Thornton

  4. How beautiful to find a book that encourages little ones to pray all day and for a variety of things, not just meals and bedtime. Thanks so much for sharing this. God Bless you, Ev

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  6. The winner chosen is Ev.A Thompson!!
    Congratulations, Ev!
    I also want to say thanks to everyone who commented,
    you make it worth my while to post this blog <3
    Love and blessings,
    Lori LC
    ps. please email me your info where to send the book.