Saturday, January 7, 2012


Day 1
Symptoms preceeding calling doctor:

* Discomfort on left side of abdomen
* Pressure felt under left rib cage,
   especially at night.
* Discomfort when eating certain foods
During examination
-Doctor palpitated abdomen,
 sounded hollow on right, full on left.
-Deep pressure exam was very uncomfortable
-Dr. knew right away what the diagnosis was
  -> Diverticulosis. (see diagram below for an upclose look)


Treatment prescribed

1) Eat a higheer fiber diet!
2) take meds to fight infection in digestive tract:
   meds include, Cipro, Flagil and MiraLax.
3) Drink more water

After the first day of taking meds,etc, I already slept better. That may also be due to not worrying about what the cause of my discomfort is anymore, or perhaps the antibiotics are already doing their job.

The doc said it will take about a week to ten days for it to be back to normal, but I'm wondering if this condition will continue.Since there are already pockets in my intestines, will the pressue and other factors build up in those areas in the future? There's no way to predict for sure,but we'll have to keep tabs on it on my future yearly physicals.

I'll continue writing about this until the treatment is up, then talk about ghow I think it all went.
Thanks for reading this. I welcome comments.

Day 3

Still feeling discomfort and nauseaus :/
Taking meds as prescribed. oops, gotta go take it now.

I have to eat and drink with it or I'll feel worse. a more serious thing that happened is the flagil got stuck in my throat when it started dissolving and I gagged  on it.yuck!
anyway, I hope this nausea and bloating go away soonso I can feel normal again.

Not one of my more interesting posts, but I'm sure I'm not the only one going through something unpleasant.

Have a lovely day,
<3 Lori


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