Friday, March 16, 2012

School spirit week = community spirit :)

This week was school spirit week at our elementary school. The fifth graders got together and chose what theme each day would be. Compared to other years, this was rather tame :)
Monday kicked the week off with Crazy hair day. Many students and teachers either put weird and crazy braids,pony tails, colors in their hair. Some spiked it or did other fun ways to show their school spirit. I put in a zig zag band with gel to make mine stand up. My son allowed me to put gel in his to make it stand up like a porcupine, At six,he's not too crazy about standing out,yet.
Crazy Hair Day!!
 Tuesday was School shirt day, when everyone wears a shirt with the school logo on it.  We each wore ours proudly!
Wednesday was Crazy Hat/Wig/Mis-match/Fashion Disaster Day. It is always fun to wear mis-matched outfits because it's something I do without really trying pretty often. I wore a floral print skirt with a non matching shirt, sneakers, knee highs and different color socks. My son wore blue wind pants with a red striped shirt, He was not really into wearing unmatching socks or shoes.
Thursday was almost a competitive day, with Support a Sport day. People wore jerseys of their favorite teams, and some dressed up as an athlete, complete with helmet and knee pads.
 Friday wrapped up the week with Go Green Day. Most wore green shirts,pants, socks, etc. Some wore environmentally friendly items to show Eco-green day. It was fun because tomorrow is St.Patrick's Day,when many will wear green then,too.
 It felt good the school was coordinated and we were connected by doing the same thing at the same time. A mini community that took the time to talk and laugh together. It was a really fun week, and I look forward to doing it next year.  wonder what they'll come up with then? :)

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