Sunday, October 9, 2011

Columbus Day weekend

This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous!
The skies were clear blue, not a cloud in sight.
Trees are full of bright red, yellow,  and orange hues.
Some leaves have started falling,
creating  colorful carpets that will soon be fun to crunch our feet in,
or to make piles for jumping in.
Warm breezes blew through the open windows,
both are very rare for October.
Sightings of mums, pumpkins and mini gourds decorate yards and houses.
The scent of baked apple pies and pumpkin bread waft around the neighborhood.
I saw lady bugs seeking shelter for the upcoming cooler weather.
then washed my van a final time,inside and out.
I intend to enjoy Columbus Day tomorrow, one last lovely hurrah,
before trading in my sandals for mud boots.
I hope you had a terrific weekend also :)
Happy Autumn!!


  1. Lori,
    I have tried several times to post a comment to your sight and haven't had any luck. I really enjoy reading the fun stuff you put on your blog! My Aunt is a missionary to Kurdistan in N. Iraq. She has purchased a home to retire in when she moves back to the states. The home is located somewhere in New Hampshire. We are looking forward to visiting her in the fall in a few years!!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment,it's encouraging to know someone else enjoys reading my blog :)
    I'm sorry you were unable to post a comment. I'm not sure why,but will try to find out. that may be the reason no one else has commented on the blog :,
    Have a great day!