Friday, March 23, 2012

TGIF! It has been a fun kinda day :) (long post)

What I saw on the ride home.
   This day started out with me coming home around midnight, happily exhausted from driving close to two hours from a concert in the middle of Vermont. I won a ticket to see the Newsboys in Barre',Vermont, which I didn't realize just how far it was up and down long stretches of highways. (The concert, drive and music experience will be another blog entry :)
   After close to two hours of driving on dark highways, watching out for roaming deer, bear , moose and whatever other creatures like to play chicken on dark roads, I got home. I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, which is rare for me.(unlike my husband, who can fall asleep in less than five minutes)
   I woke up to my son having a bad dream, at about 4 am, thankfully, his dad went in to comfort him and help him fall back to sleep. My watch/alarm was downstairs,so I missed the wake up call. I considered calling in  sick, but it was only a half day for me, and it's Friday.(We can only wear jeans on Friday) We rushed to get to school, and I forgot to pack my son a snack. His teacher provided one for him, so it was ok. All morning, I kept thinking how good a nap would feel,but it would have to wait. darn rules, can't sleep in
   I had a pretty good day. My husband later took me out to eat, good food and company.we took a short drive around town, it was a lovely sunny Spring day!
  I got home to homework, which is haunting me because the last class is Monday. I need to write a 6-8 page essay on speech, study vocab, and learn three essay answers for the final exam. It will all come to a head in three days.! Pray for me =)
Very similar to mine,minus the horsey
  As I studied, my feet felt cool so I put some fleece socks.  They felt so comfy. sure, you could say it was another way for me to get out of my seat, but my feet felt so happy :)
   I later went to walMart and was really surprised, and annoyed, at how packed it was. I was about to go in, when I realized I was still wearing my fuzzy socks, with my I considered just going in as is, but there are already enough fashion-don'ts in there, and I didn't want to end up on the People of walMart web site. I left them in the van. I wish I had taken them in with the groceries when I got home because my feet miss them.
 so, it was wicked crowded, and it's not even the first of the month. The peeps display was adorable, as was the candy aisle, and such cute stuffed animals. I didn't feel the slightest urge to buy any. I did,however, pet one of the plushies. It was so soft and fuzzy. I just kept walking..
   ok, so I went to use the bathroom, (it was pretty clean). as I adjusted my body a bit, the auto flusher roared under my behind and scared the bejeebers outta me! yikes! it was unexpected and Loud! I quickly exited because I was so spooked.(yes, I did remember to wash my hands ;p )
   After shopping  and browsing a while, I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. It was time to go home. I always enjoy the inner peace and (relatively) undisturbed quiet time spent when I don't have the kids with me. I linger around departments until the attendant eyeballs me suspiciously. I don't choose the shortest lines, no. I pick a line where someone may engage me in conversation, maybe even a line with interesting items to pretend to be interested in. This doesn't happen every time I shop, just when I have to study for a big test- ok, just kidding(kinda) but, when hubby is home with the kids, I tend to take my time so he can enjoy spending time with them. I'm nice like that <3
   I came home to find him working on his awesome clock project (pic below), my daughter was relaxing on the lawn with her laptop and my son was at the neighbor's. So, I didn't miss too much,anyway. 
   After dinner/supper, I coaxed hubby to take a walk. We used to go on hikes in the White Mountains, climbed trails, even bush-whacked. Now, it takes pleading to get us to walk around the block. I told him my goal is to get back to hiking, maybe start with Arrowhead, Sunapee,or  Monadnock Mt. We need to get back in to shape, it helps keep our marriage and family in shape as well.
   It was a really nice 3/4 mile walk. We saw our son, still at the neighbor's, playing with unloaded Nerf guns. When my girls were young, I had a strict no-guns rule. but my son turns everything from sticks to blocks and anything he gets his hands on, into some type of weapon. It worried  me that he did that, until I talked to other parents and they said their kids did the same thing. I don't condone guns or weapons, but we go over rules with him we hope he will follow when we're not around.
   My son eventually came home, had a bubble bath and then watched the show Gold Rush, his latest obsession.  He plays gold rush around the yard, which explains the random ditches around the yard, and the jars of yellow pebbles. Someday he'll grow out of playing pretend and act grown up,but for now, I'm enjoying every minute of his awesome imagination.
<3 a PMC original <3
 I guess I should get back to studying for my Human Development class. I do want to pass with a good grade. The clock my husband made is striking ten. Time to devote an hour to my work.
  I thank God for this day =) He is awesome!!

I hope you also had a terrific day!
Love and blessings,
Lori LC
   ps. this is the first Friday in weeks I didn't sing the Friday song to my daughter. I think I just may have to text her right before bed. ;p

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