Friday, September 14, 2012

Spider Brains, book review

Spider Brains
 Sp(e)ider Brains, A Love Story is written by Susan Wingate.
   The story is about a teenage girl, Susie Speider, who is struggling to get through high school after losing her dad to a car wreck. Her penchant for learning words had me smiling, because I have always enjoyed adding unusual words to my vocabulary. Susie is also struggling with ADHD, new meds, and a teacher who seems to relish crushing her at every opportunity.
  When she tries getting a closer look at a spider one night, it bites her on the finger. What happens next is a web of fantastic events, such as her nightly jaunts with her cat to the teacher's house(where she meets a boy spider), new neighbors that seem odd to Susie, and an awesome spider project that the teacher finds horrifying because she is terrified of all things arachnid. Susie gives credit to her new spider powers for being able to focus, but her mom is worried Susie really believes she's a spider.
   I think the book was a really good read. It is well written and kept me interested to the end.
  I recommend this book to all who enjoy a story about relationships, loss, rebuilding, (and a little revenge)
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