Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My April 'vacation'...

   Many of my friends and co-workers are enjoying their vacation, either visiting family and friends or hobnobbing with Mickey in Florida. I have been thinking about them while I am at home in NH, doing major Spring cleaning. I tackled the space on the indoor porch, where I have been using as an office all winter. So many papers and books and other miscellaneous items to sort through. I then  organized the shelves holding the winter gear. Boots, hats, scarves and wool socks were stuffed into bags; snow pants were washed first before being stored to avoid moldiness. A day later, we were opening the bags to take out gloves and hats to play outside in the 30 something degree weather.
yep, I do love New England =)  I kept the gloves and hats out because it's usually cool til Memorial day weekend, and stored the rest away in the attic for the next six or so months.
  I then went in my office, where I had stashed all the baby stuff from my son's closet, and sorted through what I want to keep, consign, and give away. (The keep pile is still a bit big, but I have hopes it will be used by my daughter and son in law within a year or so <3 )
 The boxes and bags of things to get rid of is now sitting in the back of my van...waiting til I either drop it off or take it back out to make room for groceries. That has happened more than once already.
  Today is a pretty warm day; sunny and nearly 76 out. I raked around the garden and walkway, and put the piles in the wheelbarrow,which is now waiting to be emptied. My hubby took my daughter 4-wheeling, so I'm taking a break to write about my week,so far. I hoped to visit my Grandma in RI, but time is slipping away and I may not get there til Sunday.
  I need to dump out the wheel barrow, drop off the clothes at Changes, decide what to get for dinner, cook dinner, call Grandma, wash the windows on the porch, and as many others as I can, wash my van, get the screen-house things ready to be put up, put away the neglected baskets of laundry, and a few other things that are eluding my memory at the moment.
  I guess my stay-cation isn't so bad, but Disney sure is a fun place to visit.
Maybe I'll post pics of my week on my photo journal.. HERE .
 What do you like to do on vacation?
Have a nice day =)
Love and blessings,
Lori LC

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  1. I did end up washing my van, put laundry away, had dinner(pizza), and a few other chores. I ended the day shooting the moon; I took pics of the full moon, which didn't come out as well as hoped,but they can be seen on my photo blog: