Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A life lesson by my 5 year old

My five year old son heard the weather report on the way home from kindergarten; it mentioned possible thunderstorms, and a tornado watch. He gets anxious at the thought of storms, and I had a feeling he would this time,too. He asked me if the storm would be loud and will the lights go out. I assured him as best I could that we would be ok,we have a generator and candles,etc.
 He got quiet and I wondered what he would say next. To my pleasant surprise, instead of whining about the weather, he started singing a song he learned in Sunday school. "Read your bibles,pray every day,..., and you'll grow and grow and grow.." He sang it a few times and after opening his eyes he told me it was working. I asked him what? He said the song was making the clouds go away and there would be no storm. I looked up and surveyed the horizon, and by golly, he was right! The sky did look brighter and it did look as though the clouds were clearing. He sang the song a few more times, this time with his eyes open, and he kept saying the clouds were going away.
 By the time we got home it hardly even rained at all, and the clouds did clear up. We ended up having sunshine the rest of the day :)
 Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe it was the heartfelt prayer of a five year old little boy singing the storm away. Either way, he walked a little taller that day and was able to look up at the sky and truly believed his song made the sun come out <3
 I also learned something from him, that when I feel nervous or scared, I should look to what I've learned in church and apply it to my life, no matter what others may think about it.
Have a great day, and remember to 'Read your bibles and pray every day so you can grow and grow and grow' :)
 God bless,

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