Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early signs of winter..

Taken Oct.2011
Here is one last look at my yard before an early season snow takes over and blankets it tonight.
 We are going to be covering the screen house with tarps and putting all the summer toys in storage.
Time to put away the bikes and scooters to make room for sleds and shovels.
 I really don't mind snow, it covers the brown barren yard and makes for some really pretty pics.
What I really do mind is when I have to go somewhere and the roads are slick from either snow, sleet or a mix of every kind of precipitation witin an hour of starting.
 After having been in a few weather-related accidents I am a big chicken on the roads when the temp falls below freezing. My kids and hubby get annoyed at my Dystychiphobia- Fear of well as my phobia of driving on roads in inclement weather. It is not a good thing to deal with every year :(
This is what my yard will look like soon.
Guess that's life in NH.

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