Monday, May 23, 2011

Kodak moments

My sister-in law- asked me for a few pics to put in a slide show she's making of our girls.They are graduating this June and she wants to do something special for them.  I have so many to choose from it's hard to select just a few.
As I began sorting through the many photographs and digital files, I had to slow down and really look at each one. The pics taken from her first year, birthdays, holidays, and other events during the past 17 years opened a river of memories and feelings from each moment captured. There was one with her showing her first tooth that fell out and the that smile revealed the space it came from. There were pics of her and her sister playing with stuffed animals and dolls. Her first drum was an assortment of my kitchen pans.She played them with the same gusto as she does now in the high school band. She still plays the drums, as well as all the other percussion sets.
 Pics taken with grandparents and friends who are no longer with us, my Dad included. And our neighbor's son who she was close to growing up,who died in a drowning accident nearly 3 years ago.
 How do you choose just a few pics from so many and sum up what a childhood was like?
 As she ends this chapter of being in public school to becoming an adult, I look forward to add to the collection of memories, and hopefully put them in better order :)

 Here's to the moments we try to capture on film
God bless,

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