Friday, May 20, 2011

156 down,24 to go...

Those of you who added the numbers found the answer to be 180. and what adds up to 180 each year? School days! yes, we (still) have 24 days left :(   I think we had 4 snow days to make up this time,maybe 5. I lost count after 3. (I only get paid for 3)
 My daughter's graduation is June 17, as are my 2 nieces'. We are planning a triple grad party that weekend! It should be a great day for each of them! Go class of 2011!!
 My son is graduating from Kindergarten, and is just starting his academic years. yippee.. He will be the graduating class of (2011 + 12== 2023) 2023!
 I plan to take one day at a time and not worry about the future. Lord help me :)
 I hope you have a fine,happy weekend!
God bless,

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