Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PeeWee soccer mom vent!...

 This summer my son asked me to sign him up for soccer.
I considered the fact that since he is six and still learning how to play fair,
would this be a good fit for him? He insisted he wanted to play,so we signed him up.
 The first time on the field was more of an intro to the coach and players.
all the athletes were running around without much direction,
regardless of the coach's frantic calls.
 The first game was frustrating for me,
as my son looked more like a hockey player than soccer player.
 He kept bumping into others and body checking any other player near him.
 This league is co-ed. which means he was pushing down girls as well as boys.
He ignored the coach at every call, refused to go out or in when told to,
and he didn't even go near the ball. Very frustrating!
 I was ready to have him quit and forget the whole thing.
Fortunately,the team had barely enough players,
 so I decided to wait and see how, or if,he progressed.
 Tonight's game was a bit better.two weeeks later.
He (mostly)kept his hands off others.
He actually followed coach's directions.
and even went up to the ball and kicked it a few times.
I helped keep the subs out of the ten foot wide puddle,
stopped a water bottle fight, and had them be cheerleaders for the team.
I think I preferred being with the team than with the other parents
where I usually complain how bad he's doing.
 I think there is hope for my son to be a team player,
it may just will take a few years :/
Until then. I'll try focusing more on his progress than his problems.
As long as he is having fun, I will try to, too.
 One day at a time,Sweet Jesus <3

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