Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trying to study at home..

 This spring our school announced, much to my dismay, the possibility of becoming a Title 1 school, meaning every person, including paras, must be highly qualified and/or certified by the 2012/13 school year. I know it makes sense for people working with kids to be highly qualified, but I am not happy about being forced to take classes to reach that at this time in my life. I found out I need three classes to become certified, but they are all online and I strongly dislike onlione classes. I am way too highly distractable and dependent to focus on lessons. If I have to pay over a thousand dollars for a class, I should be receiving some type of instruction, not just told what book I need, chapters to read and essays I need to write.
  I sit in my office to do the assignments, when my husband peeks in,"Got a minute?"
(my thoughts: om,No.) what I say:  "sure,what is it?"  "can you help me with something?" ( are you kidding?! I keep telling you how much I have to do...) "ok,but just for a minute"
   I helpout, get back to the same paragraph I started a half hour ago. Then, "Mom!" ( go away,I'm busy. I can't help you.go ask dad) "What honey?". "Mom, I'm hungry."  (you know how to get a snack and a juice box. you're six now and get things by yourself all the time) " ok sweety. Here's a cheese stick, crackers,  and juice. try to ask dad next time"  " I did ask dad but he told me to ask you." (!?!*#) "ok,honey.just get something next time"
 Back to wherever I was, but stop to look on facebook and check out my email, reread my notes and resume my paper. The sound of something dropping in the kitchen grabs my attention and I wait to hear the aftershock. My son's plate fell off the table, didn't break,no need to help. "MOM! my plate fell!" (ignore it) "MOM!" (ignore it) "fine,mom doesn't want to help me anymore.she just wants to do her work on the computer....."  (ignore it)  son pops his head in my office,"Mom?"  (deep sigh) "yes,hon?" "Mom, I love you. I'm going outside." (smile to myself and try focusing on my essay.) I don't get a lot done, but it's good to know they care and can function without me 24/7.
  I guess we can read every text book about teaching, and have a position in an ivy league school;but being a parent is the best teaching job I've ever had =)
 I love being a Mom <3

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