Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dancing in the Kitchen

dancing with wives
At a lonely church altar,
I once took your hand
And we started our dance
As we often had planned

A few shaky steps,
And several bad starts
Then we moved as one flesh
To the beat of our hearts

Entwined then, we danced
In the rhythm of life
No one cut in
We were husband and wife 

Till kids came and added
Their laughter and tears
We danced as a troupe
Through the space of some years

Now the group’s breaking up
And the end is in sight
And I wonder what happens
On that fateful night

When again I shall hold you
And ask if you’re ready
And on legs not so strong
And with hearts not so steady

We dance once again
Our children all grown
And we move to a rhythm
Uniquely our own

Till the drumbeats shall stop
And the music will end
And we find ourselves standing
Before God again

With bodies made new
Hearing strains of that choir
Knowing that you could
Have all you desire

If I held out my hand

Took yet one more chance
And asked you once more
If you cared to dance

Knowing that this one
Would never be through
Would you once again hold me
And whisper, “I do!

Author~Paul Spite

My kids grew up watching my husband and I dance in the kitchen. When they were young, we would lift them up to dance with us, and as they grew, they watched from the side lines to relish seeing their parents dancing together.
We danced recently at Christmas and just held each other close. After 20 years, we still got it =)
Lori LC

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