Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Power of a Pawn, Book Excerpt!! from the author, Paul Spite

The Power of a Pawn will be released this coming Friday, December 16, 2011. Here is an excerpt called “Scrambled Eggs” to whet your appetite.
The lady stood alone in a very small room, bathed in cold blue fluorescent light. The remains of that morning’s breakfast were mostly in the commode, but some had splattered on her suit. As if her life did not already contain enough heartache, this sickness was surely getting old.
Beneath the pallor of her face and the misery lining it, the woman was pretty. She had once laughed often with her husband and children. That was all behind her. Now she only let her guard down in the presence of those she trusted. That might be two whole people.
No, it was three, though she did not know the third very well.
She had met him just twice, and then only for a few minutes each time. Those meetings had been under trying circumstances, to say the least.
She would have reflected a bit more on the past, but the present was again rising in her throat.
As she gripped the stainless steel sink for support, what came up was as tasteless as it had been going down.
She thought hard about anyone she might have recently contacted, who could have carried a bug to her. There were not many. None of her roommates showed any signs of illness. Granted, after the first time she lost her breakfast, they were avoiding her like she had a plague. This was not a good place to become ill.
It was totally inappropriate, but she nonetheless began to smile.

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Paul Spite, author page: https://www.facebook.com/PaulSpite

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