Saturday, December 17, 2011

While waiting for Christmas to arrive..

Here are a few ideas I found on another blog,
( )
With a few minor changes)
In no particular order...

Lighting of the Christmas Tree
Make Christmas Cookies
Go through DVDs.  Donate a few
Take cookies to the Fire or police station
Fill a Christmas stocking for special friends, anonymously
Make a card and give a gift to the Mailman
Take a plate of cookies to the librarians
Drink hot cocoa and read Christmas story books by the tree
Sleep by the Christmas Tree
Deliver Cookies/Treats to Neighbors
Take a donation of dog food & old towels/blankets to an animal shelter
Read the Christmas story in Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-21.
Make something or send a letter to brighten someone’s day.
Write a note to daddy a letter describing the 10 things you love most about him.
Look up Samaritan’s Purse and make a donation.
Hot Cocoa and Christmas lights around town
Share a compliment with everyone you meet today
Shop for gifts for Toys for Tots
Paint/decorate ornaments for the senior home
Take ornaments to the senior home
Make a special cad for your child's teacher
Board games, popcorn & Christmas music
Christmas performance at the school
Plan a  dinner with friends
Look through photo albums
Create a memory book from the past year
Make a gingerbread house/train
Write a blog of your favorite things to do while waiting for Christmas =)

Have a Merry Christmas
and a Blessed New Year in 2012!

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