Thursday, May 5, 2011

cinco de mayo

As I pondered what to wear today,it occurred to me that it's the 5th of May, cinco de mayo,in Spanish. I considered wearing loud colors or a sombrero to celebrate. Then I realized I don't really know what I would be celebrating.
 Is today the anniversary of Mexico's independence, and if so, from what or whom?
 I looked it up and found cinco de mayo is actually the day they remember their victory in the battle of Puebla
Here is one link from where I found info
Their independence day is actually September 16th.
Another site suggested this day is promoted by a certain beer company to bolster their sales.
 Either way, many people look for reasons to celebrate and liven things up, and cinco de mayo is a good reason to celebrate, especially for Mexicans!

God Bless,

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