Sunday, January 8, 2012

my-sort-of work out

ok, so I made kinda made a resolution to get up and move around more this year. I started by taking a walk around the block yesterday. It has been rather mild for NH, so there are no snow drifts to maneuver around,yet. The air was a cool 34 degrees F , just right for a wind breaker. It really did seem more like Autumn than winter, only without the beautiful vibrant colors and the scent that lingers when you kick the crunchy leaves about. I am one that likes just enough snow to make it winter, then it can go away til next year. So, this has been just right for me so far :) I didn't take a pic, but will next time.
  Today, I went even further in my resolve to get moving by playing wii with the kids. First, we bowled, then boxed. (I stink at it!) I took the wii fitness age test and scored my mother's age :/  I also played the carnival games, which was way more fun than golfing. I feel good for following up on my resolution, but it sure has pooped me out. I think I need a nap :p
This is NOT  me, but around what the wii fitness age test said I I hope to change this and cut it in half or more.  At least I'm making an effort. The thing I have to avoid is sitting on the edge of the couch while playing, cuz that's kinda like cheating :]

You've got to move it,move it!!

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