Sunday, January 22, 2012

Signs my son was here:

  • I put my boot on and find a matchbox car
  •  my sneaker has styrofoam peanuts in it
  • my chair was found against the fridge, so he could reach a popsicle without asking
  • the couch cushions are in a pile- and moving
  • the new toothpaste tube is nearly empty and he has really fresh breath,as he grins like an innocent angel.
  • the bath is filled with random items,such as a funnel, marbleworks tubes and plastic ARMY guys.
  • I no longer play chess or checkers, for lack of a full set.
  • chess and checker pieces are used for his roads and spy maneuvers
  • the fridge thermostat is on at various serttings throughout the week
  • candy wrappers are stuffed under the couch
  • the remote is finally found, also under the couch(which is how the wrappers were found)
These are the few things I remember from this week, and today. There's never a dull moment when there's a six year old boy around, and I love every one of those moments <3


  1. Life with kids is always interesting...and a lot of fun!! It may take a few years to see the humor in some things that happen, but it is never dull!!

  2. I absolutely love the stages he's going through right now, as annoying and frustrating, as it may seem. He is also very creative and has an awesome sense of humor. My girls are 18 and 23 years old, so I know how fast time will fly. you know exactly what I mean,too. I just have to laugh and remember he's only six and it won't be long before I look and he's 16 :/ one day at a time, sweet Jesus =)