Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New England winter weather :/

I have lived in New England all my life and still get depressed when it sleets out. I grew up in northern RI, where we had several feet of snow each year, along with bouts of icy rain and sleet. The difference is, I have spent most of my driving years here in NH. I have been in two accidents involving black ice, one from a slippery snow covered road and another not weather related.
  I hate feeling like a big chicken when we are due for inclement weather. I shudder at the thought of being out there and out of control on slick roads. I need to take my daughter to college orientation tonight, but it's raining and the temp is right around 32 degrees. The possibility of freezing rain is growing, as is the knot in my stomach.
 Having snow tires helps with snow traction, but not much is good when the roads are icy.
I'm just going for it and will take my time.

so, the roads were wet but the temps hovered at 33/34.
 my kid is signed up for 2 classes starting next week; one is the same night as mine so I'll have to get a sitter for when hubby is at work.
It's ironic that we're both taking gen ed classes and aren't sure where we're going to end up. indecisiveness must be genetic. lol
anyway, more winter weather is on the way and will be for about 12 more weeks.oh,goody...exactly how long my classes are that are 30 minutes away.I'll survive.just will take it slow and have supplies on hand .. just in case..

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